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You know her.

She’s always off on some adventure. That is, when she’s not killing it in her online biz. Or actually, while she’s killing it in her biz. She’s going places (both literally and figuratively). She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Online and off. She’s not waiting for permission to stand out (and be heard) in her industry. She makes her own hours (and her own rules. Oh, and lots of money.)

And the worst part? She makes it all look easy, and fun.

So the only thing better than watching her from afar, on social media, while she goes about her business living the life (and career) you want?

Is to become her.

So, to whoever told you that this kind of work/life balance (read: work/life badass) wasn’t possible,
To whoever convinced you that your business should look like everyone else’s,
To whoever fed you lies about needing yet ANOTHER course teaching you shit you already know (even if that someone is you,)

I say, shut up.

Didn’t that feel good? To hell with the same old same old, with doing work you barely care about, with letting your business struggle and drown in mediocrity, with working with deadbeat clients for deadbeat prices, keeping you from that wild and crazy (and successful and profitable) business you deserve.
Bah-humbug (do people still say that?) to waiting one more damn day to go after your big idea.

Uncaged Life Work With Becca

Rebecca freaking rules. She won’t let you undervalue yourself. Rebecca’s intuition is spot-on and my bank account is forever grateful for her wisdom.

Nikki Jumper of NikkiJumper.com

Since working with Becca, I’ve hit a ‘no turning back’ point—I’m too excited and on fire with everything that is starting to unfold, and for all that is still to come! By pushing me to take action and make decisions, all the things I projected to be possible 6 months, 1 year, 2 years from now, are actually already happening!

Kate Marolt of KateMarolt.com

Becca is the first person I think of when it’s time to push myself out of fear and into bigger life and biz moves! She’s a great idea generator with even better on follow-through.

Anna Long

Rebecca has a keen sense of intuition combined with a bold, yet loving ability to cut through the bullshit.

Melanie Coppard

Just wanted to say thank you to Rebecca Tracey for a fantastic session yesterday! She took my big scary question, distilled it down to it’s core and helped me uncover a simple (& fun) strategy to Uncage my offering fearlessly!

Shana Lafore

If you’re a solopreneur, or you’re ready to become one; if you need clarity and confidence to move forward in big, mind-boggling ways; if you need to scrap everything that’s not working in your business (and life?), and step things up about 100 notches so you can do work you love and play by your own rules.
I’m Rebecca Tracey, and I’m about to be the best thing that ever happened to your little (soon to be big) online business.
I’m about to shake things up in a big way, by giving you everything you need to get clarity and confidence and more action than you’ve seen in years… and who couldn’t use a little more action  ;)


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