Life, Your Way – An Alphabetical Guide To Everything You’ll Need To Get There

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I have a hard truth that can’t stay a secret any longer. And it may come as a shock to you. Hold onto your seats. Here goes:

Uncaging yourself – it takes work. Deciding to choose a life that’s a lil’ left of center isn’t the easy choice. Sure, it seems like all fun and games and you may think once you decide to go for “it” you’ll have not a care in the world because you are following your life’s purpose and doing what you’re meant to be doing.

Pfffft. You wish. (I wished).

You’re gonna need a few things along the way. Here they are, in handy alphabetical order. (Don’t worry – it’ll allll be worth it)


A-Z Guide Of Everything You Need To Figure Your Shit Out And Start Living Like You Mean It



Lots and lots of prodding, poking, and check-ins from someone who’s counting on you to deliver. Get a buddy, or a coach, or a whole group of people on board with your mission, and god forbid, don’t let them down.



Bravery. Guts. Courage.  Grit. Utter fearlessness. You get the point.



About who you are. What you want. And most importantly, WHY you want it.



Seriously. You want it? You’ve gotta work for it.



Because this life you crave, it isn’t for free. You’ve gotta work for it, baby.



Real ones. GOOD ones. You know what I mean. The ones who inspire you and cheer for you. Ditch the ones who drain your energy. You’re gonna need it for other things (see ‘E’ Above)



Not planned out to the last detail. But a general vision of where you want to be. And my best advice? Make em bigger than you evah’ imagined. (If you’re in Toronto, you won’t wanna miss this workshop)



With yourself. With those around you. Get honest about how every little detail serves you, and you’ll know what to keep and what needs changing.



Not the woo-woo kind where you follow the stars and predict the future. More like a deeper ability to know when you’re on the right course and when you’re being led astray. And don’t worry – you’ll develop this as you go.



You’ve gotta think of this as more of a joyride than a specific journey. You may not know where you’ll end up, so you’d sure as hell better have fun getting there. (J was a hard one – gimme a break ok!?)



Because there will be tears. Of sadness. Of joy. Of flat out fear. They’re all moving you towards a bigger and brighter life. Welcome them as part of the joyride (see “J”).



Life is only as serious as you make it. You will fuck up. No sense in getting your panties in a knot over it. Laugh it off, and move on.



It’s everything. You wanna change your world? You’ve gotta believe that it’s possible.


No Excuses

None are good enough to stop you from living the life of your friggin’ dreams. Not enough time/money/guts? Boo-hoo. Enjoy your life of mediocrity. The ones who really want it make it happen, no matter what.


Original Thought

You’re not following the masses here. That’s what got you into this mess in the fist place. Thinking for yourself is what will get you out.



For life. For adventure. For something. There’s gotta be some kind of huge bon fire in you that is driving your every move. If not, that tiny lil’ spark of excitement is sure to burn out and leave you stuck in your cage yet again, wondering what went wrong.



The ability to recognize yours, and then fall in love with them. Your quirks are what you wanna celebrate, not hide from. Be MORE of who you already are, not less.


Radical Reframing

Of everything. Thought patterns. Values. Habits. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. (Duh). Time to reframe and rework who and what you are.



You’re gonna have to get a lil’ sassy in your life. Tell ‘em who you are and what you stand for, and don’t take no for an answer.



That the world does have a greater plan for you. That you CAN be more than a hamster stuck in its stupid little plastic ball trying to get out. Trust that there IS more to this life. And then get out there and find it.


Unwavering Wanting

No meek attitudes or half-assed attempts here. You WANT it? Prove it.



Sorta in line with “H: Honesty”. You’re getting really real here, for real. No more hiding. No more pretending. This is you, exposed. You ready for that?



As in, the talk. You talk a big game. Be ready to walk it. Not as easy as it sounds, but it’s the only way you’ll get from here to wherever-you-wanna-be.



To numb the pain you experience from not living the life you were meant to live. OH WAIT – JUST KIDDING. Obviously. I don’t condone those kinds of things. No. No more numbing or hiding or running from your life. It’s time to face it, head on.



Like, a deep-rooted desire to live a life Uncaged, A life of no regrets. A life you’re proud to call your own. You’ve gotta want it with every fiber of your being.



Hardcore enthusiasm and energy for uncaging  yourself. And the tenacity to go after a life you adore — hardcore.


Do you have what it takes?

xx becca

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