If you started a business but you never really got a handle on WHAT, exactly, to sell (so you haven’t created anything at all), or you created a generic package based on what everyone else was offering, but it’s not exactly working for you… and you want to learn how to package up your services in a way that 1) feels GOOD for you, 2) feels GOOD for your clients and 3) makes you some goddamn money (finally) this course is for you. Check it out »


If you’re a coach struggling to get clients, this program is for you! Learn to leverage your expertise to create a business that helps you stand out from the sea of coaches. Learn how to talk about coaching to people in a way that has them jumping for your business card, and learn to create unique packages that sell. Check it out »

Quick and Dirty Site Shindig


Terrified of actually making progress in your business for fear of failure/going broke/being discovered as a fraud/other? I hear ya. But I cant let you stay stuck there. This little gem will help you work through all those stories so you can actually start DOING something. Short, sweet, and will leave you with no excuses (uh-oh!) Check it out »


Really broke, and don’t wanna pay a cent for your website? I hear ya. Spend an hour with me as I record my screen and talk you through exactly how to build your own WordPress site (no crazy tech stuff – just basic steps to get you a site up lickity split, while still ensuring you have MAX customizability in the future), and by the end of the shindig you’ll have a brand new shiny site to show off! Check it out »

#3MoHustle Checklist (FREE!)

Business doesn’t have to feel so damn complicated. So I created a simple checklist for your first 3 months of business and beyond, to help you focus on what matters (and make sure you’re not wasting time on what doesn’t) so you don’t get lost in the vortex of overwhelm, confusion, and lack of focus (and wine and Netflix). We’ll cover how to get started and set the foundations, how to get organized and create systems, and how to grow and market for the long-term. Check it out »