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Hey, Nice Package!

If you started a business but you never really got a handle on WHAT, exactly, to sell (so you haven’t created anything at all), or you created a generic package based on what everyone else was offering, but it’s not exactly working for you… and you want to learn how to package up your services in a way that 1) feels GOOD for you, 2) feels GOOD for your clients and 3) makes you some goddamn money (finally) this course is for you. Check it out »


If you’re a coach struggling to get clients, this program is for you! Learn to leverage your expertise to create a business that helps you stand out from the sea of coaches. Learn how to talk about coaching to people in a way that has them jumping for your business card, and learn to create unique packages that sell. Check it out »


I compiled all the How-To business resources (the ones I usually only give my private clients) into one super simple guide. One page lessons. No fluff. Pay whatever you want. No joke. Check it out »

Quick and Dirty Site Shindig


Terrified of actually making progress in your business for fear of failure/going broke/being discovered as a fraud/other? I hear ya. But I cant let you stay stuck there. This little gem will help you work through all those stories so you can actually start DOING something. Short, sweet, and will leave you with no excuses (uh-oh!) Check it out »


Really broke, and don’t wanna pay a cent for your website? I hear ya. Spend an hour with me as I record my screen and talk you through exactly how to build your own WordPress site (no crazy tech stuff – just basic steps to get you a site up lickity split, while still ensuring you have MAX customizability in the future), and by the end of the shindig you’ll have a brand new shiny site to show off! Check it out »

Resources and affiliates I use to run my business

Small Business Bodyguard
Get Your First 1000 subscribers

Small Business Bodyguard

Online or offline, you probably have some legal problems you aren’t even aware of. Trying to figure out your legal shit on your own is scary, and hiring is a lawyer is ridiculously expensive. Ash and Rachel have you absolutely covered. Don’t do business without getting clear on the law. Check it out »


Jenny knows what’s up when it comes to simple ways to get exposure in your business. It’s not about the numbers in your list, it’s about the quality of the people you reach. Jenny teaches you how to make sure that you’re attracting the right people (i.e. the people who actually give a crap about what you’re doing and will want to give you their money). No nonsense, no gimmicky tactics. Get it »



Once I get you clear as ice on your messaging and the core of your business, you’ll need to learn how to convey that visually and written-ly. Brandgasm will teach you how to write your own copy, design your own graphics, and generally how to look legit and sweet onlineCheck it out »


Starting a business? You’re  gonna need a website. And a website is gonna need hosting. If you want the flexibility of a full website (and one that doesn’t have an icky in the URL), Bluehost is your go-to. They kick butt with integrating WordPress, they offer a free domain name, a super easy auto-install to get your site up in a jiff, and they’re CHEAP. Check it out »


You love your business and are excited about its mission, but you’re overwhelmed by the day-to-day operations of it. Not being able to establish routines that truly work for you is driving you nuts. You feel so much better when things are organized in just the right way. Here’s a solution for you—a blueprint. Get all your systems in place so you can work less and play more. Check it out »

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